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07/02/2018 | Oral Hygiene

Why and How Should I Floss?

Even with the most diligent brushing, you can only clean up to 60% of all your teeth surfaces with brushing alone. The remaining 40% are the narrow spaces in between your teeth and underneath your gums where no well-designed toothbrush can reach to remove plaque build-up.   FLOSSING GUIDE  ...

16/12/2017 | Oral Hygiene

What is the Best Technique for Brushing?

The correct toothbrushing technique is essential to ensure the maximum amount of build-up is thoroughly removed, thus ensuring better gum and dental health. Firstly, it is important to use a soft-bristled brush. A hard toothbrush does not brush any better, and will likely cause damage to both your gums and...

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