Deep Filling

Thank you for bearing with me! You just had a deep filling placed…

A deep filling is a dental restoration placed near the pulp of the tooth, usually because the previous filling or the existing decay has already extended deep into the tooth.

Please be careful while the anesthesia (numbness) is present. It will go off in about 1-2 hours, do avoid biting on your lips and/or tongue.

The tooth may become very sensitive especially to cold drinks over the next few days. This will normally become better after a while.

Do monitor for worsening symptoms. This may be a sign that the nerve in the tooth is getting severely inflamed (pulpitis), which will require further treatment in the form of a Root Canal Treatment.

Do let us know if pain worsens after a few days and cannot be controlled with painkillers.

Please maintain good oral hygiene to improve the longevity of the filling.

Signs that Your Tooth Needs a Root Canal Treatment:

  • Pain persisting and worsening after a few days.
  • Pain is severe, and cannot be controlled with painkillers.
  • Severe throbbing pain when drinking hot or cold drinks, which lingers long after.
  • Spontaneous pain (suddenly comes on by itself) that worsens at night, affecting sleep.
  • Swelling of the gums and soft tissues around the tooth.
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