Dental Surgery After Care

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What to Expect After Your Dental Surgery

  • Some pain, especially over the next 2-3 days. This can be reduced with painkillers.
  • Some bleeding, especially for today. Bleeding will usually stop after 2-3 hours.
  • Some swelling, which will expand over the next 2 days. This usually lasts for a few days.
  • Some limitations to your jaw movements, usually due to the swelling present.
  • Some bruising or discoloration over the skin. This will fade after a few days.


  • Bite on a gauze firmly and leave on for at least 30 minutes before changing to a new gauze.
  • Swallow your saliva while biting on the gauze to avoid drooling – it is okay to swallow even if you taste some blood in your mouth.
  • Be careful while the numbness is present to avoid biting on your lip and/or tongue.
  • Take the prescribed painkillers when there is pain.
  • Finish the prescribed antibiotic course, if any is given.
  • Take soft foods until you are comfortable chewing with firmer foods.
  • Continue brushing the rest of your teeth. Use the given antiseptic mouth rinse to gargle gently after.
  • Return to the clinic if you suspect an infection over the surgical site, which usually occurs a few days after.

Symptoms of a Wound Infection:

  • Worsening pain after a few days
  • Pus exuding from wound site, with foul smell and taste
  • Painful swelling which feels very warm and appears very red


  • Avoid spitting frequently and vigorously rinsing your mouth after the surgery – it will disrupt the blood clot and encourage bleeding.
  • Avoid physical exertion like exercise especially for the next 2 days as it may increase bleeding risk.
  • Refrain from smoking for the next few days while your wound is healing to avoid complications.
  • Do not leave the gauze in the mouth when sleeping or eating to avoid accidental swallowing.
  • Avoid chewing on affected side.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods as they can cause more pain.
  • Do not skip your antibiotics!



  • 接下来的两到三天会有一些疼痛,您可以服用止痛药。
  • 今天会有流血的现象,两到三个小时后会止住。
  • 接下来的两天,肿胀的现象会扩大。这通常会在几天后消失。
  • 由于局部肿胀,下颚的运动将受到一些限制。
  • 嘴巴周围也许会出现青肿或斑点现象,这将在几天后消失。


  • 换新的纱布之前,需要紧咬纱布至少三十分钟。
  • 咬住纱布的同时请吞下口水以避免流出- 您会尝到血的味道,这是正常的情况。
  • 当麻药还未消退前,请您多加小心以免咬到嘴唇或舌头。
  • 请按时服用止痛药。
  • 请遵照指示完成医生为您指定的抗生素疗程(若有)。
  • 请进食较软的食物直到您适应咀嚼较硬的食物。
  • 若可以,今晚请照常洗刷其余的牙齿。刷牙后请使用医生为您指定的可杀菌的漱口药水。若您由于不适而无法刷牙,更应当使用这个杀菌漱口药水。
  • 若您觉得手术的部位发炎,请及时回来诊所复诊。这通常在完成手术的几天后才会显现。


  • 疼痛在几天后加剧。
  • 伤口部位流脓,散发恶臭的气味和味道。
  • 红肿,温热且疼痛的感觉。


  • 请避免时常吐唾沫和用力的漱口。这将妨碍血液的凝固以及造成流血。
  • 接下来的两天,请避免耗力的动作,因为这将加剧流血的现象。
  • 接下来几天,在伤口复原的期间,请勿抽烟以降低并发症的风险。
  • 睡觉或进食时,请勿把纱布留在口中。您也许会意外吞下!
  • 避免用受影响的部位咀嚼。
  • 避免进食辛辣的食物,这将造成疼痛加剧。
  • 请勿略过抗生素的服用指示。

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